Learn American Sign Language and gain exclusive insights into Deaf Culture
Since Florida has one of the largest deaf communities in the U.S. you will encounter a deaf or hard-of-hearing person rather sooner than later. 
Learning at least basic American sign language can help any business or service provider deal with members of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community more effectively. ASL also helps communicate with autistic or speech impaired individuals.

The Deaf Service Bureau of West Central Florida offers ASL courses for various levels of competence ranging from 3-10 weeks. Our deaf instructor, Franklin Smith, will not only teach you the basics such as the alphabet and numbers, but he will also give you a better understanding of deaf culture to clear up any misperceptions. His amazing talent of lip reading and his eloquence have allowed him to teach ASL to hearing family members of deaf children with great success. You can contact Franklin with any questions via email:

Our next ASL course Level 1 will run from July 11-Aug. 8, 2012 on Wednesday nights from 6-7:45 p.m. at our Tampa office inside the Hillsborough County Family Justice Center for only $5/class, or $20 if you pre-pay for all 5 sessions online (see option in the drop down menu below). It will focus on sign language for beginners and intermediate learners who need a refresher. All proceeds from this course will help support deaf community programs in West Central Florida.

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