Friday, March 23, 2012

Jordan Tourism Board caters to deaf and mute travelers with sign language

Nayef H Al Fayez, Jordan Minister of Tourism & Antiquities recently hosted a graduation ceremony for tour guides and tourist police officers that have completed a sign language course, organised by the Jordan Tourism Board, in cooperation with the Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Club for the Deaf and Mute in Zarqa, and with the Jordan Applied University College for Hospitality and Tourism Education.

This sign language course is the first of its kind in the Arab world, and is considered the first step in the Jordan Tourism Board’s direction to target deaf and mute travellers from around the world. The Board also plans on producing a promotional film in sign language to promote Jordan as a destination that can cater to the needs of these travellers.

Al Fayez emphasized the importance of the Board’s new direction to promote Jordan as a destination of many treasures that can be enjoyed by all types of travellers and tourists, pointing to the significance of focusing on the human element of tourism.


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