Friday, April 6, 2012

Help APD's new pilot program Microcredit by becoming fans on Twitter, Facebook

By Maryjane B. Wysocki--Agency for Persons with Disabilities
The Agency for Persons with Disabilities launched a new pilot progam called Microcredit to encourage people to become employed, self-employed, or begin volunteering. The first group in the state is from Bishop Grady Villas. The members of this group are starting a small business as part of a 12-week program. During this time, they will learn assembly, pricing, cash handling, inventory, customer service, teamwork and brainstorming. They will not be earning any money, though. Instead, the revenue they earn through sales at local flea markets will be put into a savings account specifically for this group. Participants can use the money to purchase more materials for the group's project, or request a 1% loan to try out their own products and start their own business (with no penalties if they can't pay back the loan). They can also request a grant for job coaching or other vocational purposes. The group votes to approve these loans/grants so if they don't do their share of work, they won't get tany money!

You can support and motivate this group by following them on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook:

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