Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 tips to improve your job search success

Looking for employment is in fact a full-time job, even when you get assistance from an employment specialist. If you want to speed up the process use the following tips:

1. Be proactive

After applying for job openings online, put some leg work into finding more open positions at local businesses by simply stopping by and dropping off your resume. If you are on a certain career path you can also go to a professional association meeting to learn something new and build valuable connections with real people. Keep in mind that getting hired always depends on who you know!
You could also find a job search support group to exchange leads and local job market news.

2. Set clear goals

Your job search must have a clear focus to be effective. That's why your vocational rehab counselor puts a specific job title and description on your referral form. It is virtually impossible to match your skill set to an available job opening if no one even knows what kind of work you can do.

"A general, vague answer (“Oh, I could do anything in retail or accounting”) leaves the impression that you don’t know what you want or are not very knowledgeable," says job coach Susan P. Joyce. "Being vague does NOT result in more opportunities. Being vague results in fewer opportunities."

3. Put yourself in the employer's shoes

In your cover letter and interview you need to explain why hiring you would be good for the potential employer. What’s in it for them if they hire you? How can your skills contribute to the company's success?
4. Work with your assigned employment specialist
Your assigned employment specialist assists you in your job search in various ways, but you still need to pull your own weight and apply for any open positions yourself.

5. Continue building your skill set

It's a good idea to continue learning new skills or improve your existing skills while you are still looking for a new job to avoid losing touch with your career field and falling too far behind as a result. You could freelance or take some online courses and don't forget to update your resume with accordingly.

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