Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 reasons to use Twitter in your job search

In the current job market everyone needs to get creative to land a much coveted job. Utilizing new tools like social media and specifically Twitter can give you a leg up over the competition. Here are 4 reasons why Twitter can help you find new employment:

  1. Twitter is free! As a result employers use it to avoid paying a hefty fee to recruiting firms. 
  2. All big companies are on Twitter: Scanning all the job offers from companies you would like to work for only requires you to follow them. This simplifies your job search and might even give you first dibs when applying for a job since most new listings are announced on Twitter first.
  3. Twitter is more effective than job boards since you can actually have a conversation with a hiring manager and start building a relationship before you even meet the person for an interview.
  4. No discrimination against people with disabilities or other minorities since your tweets only reveal as much as you want to share.
Ultimately, you should be careful to maintain a personal but yet professional image on Twitter if you choose to use it as tool for your job search.

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