Monday, April 23, 2012

How to master the phone interview as deaf or hard-of-hearing job seeker

The phone interview is one of the most dreaded steps during the job search for most people, but even more so for deaf and hard-of-hearing job seekers. Not being able to communicate effectively during this screening or evaluation process keeps otherwise qualified applicants from ever being able to showcase their skills.
Here are 4 ways to master this dilemma:
  1. Add your video phone number on your resume. Using the relay service during the phone interview will cause a slight delay in the transfer speed of the messages, but at least there won't be any misunderstandings. If you are verbal, you can choose Voice Over to speak directly into a phone so the interviewer can hear the answers from you while the interpreter is signing his questions to you.
  2. Use your SIPRelay number as contact option. The interviewer will basically talk to the Communication Assistant who will then type the messages and send them to you via online chat. Your typed response will then be read to the caller. Just make sure to use correct grammar as the Communication Assistant cannot edit your messages.
  3. Include your chat ID on your resume as preferred contact method. Not every recruiter will be willing to do the interview via chat. But some may in fact, prefer this.
  4. Ask your job coach if you can include his number on your resume as contact. If he is ok with that, he can ask for an in-person interview when the recruiter calls.

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